Mac delivers philosophically profound and entertainingly-delivered presentations to give you profitable results. His stimulating "fuse lighting" presentations benefit any individual or employee.


Navigating the Seven ‘C’s’

Stay focused on and remain passionate about company, organizational, and individual goals.

Toyota's permanent exhibition showroom and museum in Odaiba, Tokyo

LEAN and The Toyota 5S's

Take a journey into a land of LEAN and learn where it can be applied in many aspects of our lives.


Inspirational Speaking

Get Inspired And Light Your Team's Fuse! You may have some in your organization who come to work physically but aren't really there mentally.

Helping hands

Team Building

Foster Great Relationships With Team Building Events


Workplace Improvement

Business coaching skills that help you Reinvigorate, Rejuvenate, and Revitalize performance


Trust and Communication

Horse Whispering on Steroids


Succession Planning

Your new hires and upper cadre will represent your lasting legacy, how are you planning for and guiding these future leaders?


Strategic Planning

What makes sense to us as we position ourselves for the future? What is the nature of what we are doing and what are the principals that guide us in getting there?


Lighting Your OWN Fuse
A Glossary of Mission, Vision & Passion

"I have just read the book cover to cover and it is a great read. It prompts one to think seriously about what really matters for building character and for leading others. It also provides superb insights for improving relationships. This work is on-target and timely for those who want to progress and prosper."

Jack Hug
Vice President University of Colorado

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