Navigating the Seven ā€˜Cā€™sā€™



That killer of businesses, that murderer of marriages and that inhibitor of initiative.  When people become complacent they have lost passion and take things for granted. Complacency allows competing businesses to steal our customers and our personnel.

LYFE teaches us to stay focused on and remain passionate about company, organizational, and individual goals. Physically showing up is not the same as mentally and emotionally showing up.



Probably one of the most overused yet underutilized terms in the dictionary. Commitment – the one hundred and ten percent yearning, burning effort to create what you want in life and knowing that you can. Commitment – the unbending, unending desire to succeed. One of the only ways to embrace change, become a leader, shape other leaders, knock down personality issues, and create what we want in life is to commit ourselves wholeheartedly and unswervingly to the task.

LYFE teaches the goal focusing techniques that show us the shortest neurolingusitic line between what we have and what we want to have. Seminar recipients learn how to vividly and emotionally feel themselves to be inside the picture of what they want.

LYFE then covers the skills and discipline necessary to achieve that desired goal because standing alone, affirmations without discipline, is delusion.



If you don’t develop the great art of listening you won’t know how to communicate! If you develop a sense of empathy, a mentally caring ability to “walk two miles in someone else’s moccasins” or roll two blocks in someone's wheelchair, you will gain a purity that comes with trust. With trust there will be no diversity issues.

LYFE covers the language of the sexes and understanding the reasons the two find it so hard to communicate. Through the video clip of "The Horse Whisperer", and some wonderful interactive communication skills activities, we truly become ourselves  "horse whisperers".

When should we start listening to our spouses, children, employees, customers, bosses? Before someone else does.



One of the most important aspects in life lies in understanding how to effectively deal with change. This is where LYFE helps your seminar recipients examine and adjust their attitudes, especially given the vast changes in the world around us at present. We will take a journey into the movies “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Lord of the Rings” and “The African Queen” and learn how to melt the negatives witches of our past. We will also defrock the negative wizards and look at to what or whom we have been giving away our power.



We often forget the importance of caring – for others as well as ourselves.

The main focus of our lives is to help our fellow man. We are here to prosper. We are also here to make winners out of others. (See the last five paragraphs under "Why Domestic Violence Counseling" also under Topics). We want to pay rent for our space on earth and we do so by helping others. Whether it is a customer, a co-worker, a fellow organizational member or a family member, LYFE creates a mindset of "If I help others win, I win."

Another form of caring is for self. It is easy to overeat, to oversleep, to over-drink, to destructively stress out, to connect to anger, to give away our power to fear or to those who have harmed us.  Though we know we have so much to offer, we give up and we give in.Of course we are only human, we're not Gods. But we have more power than we think. The perceptions and interpretations that guide our reactions and behaviors are covered within these seminars.

LYFE stresses the need, and provides the tools and skills, for the mental, physical and spiritual discipline when confronted with life’s temptations and challenges.



Foremost among the Seven “C’s” is a word that we recognize but rarely define. It is one of the toughest “C’s” to navigate. Character – showing others your self-worth through the practicing of good character traits. This “professing-of-self”, (circumspection), puts us squarely in front of our own mirror and forces us to live in our own skin. Sages through the centuries have told us that if we will be strong, mindful, a better listener, if we will be industrious and courageous and take risks, if we would be honest, honorable, and patient, good things would happen to us. It is true. Who we profess to be in our sales, our customer relations, and our productivity is constantly laid on the altar of scrutiny.

Character is the essence of LYFE’s message.



The last of the Seven “C’s” has to do with our risk-taking. Will we show, as did the lion in "The Lion King" or, from the "Harry Potter" video clip, the discipline necessary to create what we want in spite of the stuff that gets thrown at us? Will we show grace, and graciousness, restraint and fortitude when the you-know-what hits the fan? Will we act as a catalyst for growth rather than as a withholder?

LYFE helps us examine our fear so that we might put forth the courage to reopen lines of communication where they may have broken.

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"We deal with life and death situations all the time. Burnout can't help from settling in. Due to your seminars I am hearing words like 'passionate,' 'creative,' 'holistic,' 'positive,' etc., in meetings and from my management team. As a result of your "fuse re-lighting" we are more motivated and are progressing to a higher level of service each day. I am seeing enthusiasm throughout the entire staff and I intend to keep it as our way of doing business."

Bonnie E. Hillegass
Vice President
Family Health Services

There is a second set of “C’s” spelled out in the book.

Lighting Your OWN Fuse
A Glossary of Mission, Vision & Passion

"The world would be so much better off if books such as "Lighting Your own Fuse" were required reading for all citizens. If so we would have better insight into ourselves as well as those close to us, then logically expand that respect and understanding up the human chain to our communities and beyond."

Steve Tice
Viet Nam war survivor

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