Employee engagement and morale, leadership proficiency, succession planning, professionalism, higher sales, a greater customer pleasing attitude, employees taking ownership of your vision, LEAN thinking and everybody playing a bigger game... are these issues causing you consternation?

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"Some of the most respected organizations have relied on Mac to revitalize and stimulate their employees. As a nationally-recognized inspirational counselor, author, and top-performing operations manager, Mac’s extensive experience helps him relate to his audiences and they to him. "I've been there" says Macdonald. 'I've been in the trenches. I've skinned my knees so I can certainly identify with those needing their fuses lit, or re-lit'.

Using some remarkably creative techniques for getting into not just minds, but hearts, he enlivens his seminars with stimulating multi-media and experiential techniques. A former Director of Personnel, his work as a corporate trainer and consultant began over thirty-eight years ago. He has delivered more than 3000 presentations to date. Many references can be found on his website. As he states his goal is plain, ‘to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’."

"His education includes a combination of academic and practical success. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology at UNLV, and performed graduate work in international relations on scholarship at Oxford. His managerial experience on the Alaska Pipeline, at Boeing, and in the Hotel industry complements his diverse professional accomplishments.”

“He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), American Federation of TV and Radio Actors (AFTRA), non-profits such as the Juan de Fuca Foundation for the Arts, Parenting Matters Foundation, the Port Angeles, and Port Townsend Chambers of Commerce, a volunteer counselor for the Coordinated Community Response Against Domestic Violence, as well as the World Affairs Council. His book, "Lighting Your Own Fuse - A Glossary of Mission, Vision, and Passion" a best seller on Amazon is not to be missed."

"Macdonald is a community leader and organizer. The holidays always find him playing Santa Claus for many worthwhile causes. 

Mac Macdonald, Martin, and Charlie Sheen

Mac Macdonald

Community leader, organizer, actor, and best selling author of "Lighting Your Own Fuse - A Glossary of Mission, Vision and Passion".

Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, Mac Macdonald on the Apocaplypse Now set

Mac Macdonald with Martin and a twelve-year-old Charlie Sheen

On the set of Apocaplypse Now while while shooting in the Philipines.

Robert Duval and Mac Macdonald

Robert Duval and Mac Macdonald

Mac Macdonald is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and The American Federation of TV and Radio Actors (AFTRA).

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"It isn't often that the conference evaluations are such that I get to write a letter like this. I can't recall such an overwhelmingly positive response to any presentation we have ever had. As one of our members, with very high expectations mind you, said, "What a great way to start a convention!"

C Russell Nickel
Executive Director
Association of School Business Officials

"A definition of death is having hired someone to address your staff or members without their having tailored the presentation, or not being able to relate to the audience.The biggest fear I'd say when choosing a speaker or trainer is having wasted anyone's time. I appreciated all of the pats on the back for finding you"

Ed Meglis
NJ Associtan of School Business Officials

"Even racially-hardened and historical trauma feelings have eased. It is wonderful to see family members putting away some long-held animosities towards each other. I never would have believed someone from the outside, even mixed blood as he is, could have introduced our sacred traditions to help us out of some locked-on attitudes but Mr. Macdonald did so with deftness, sensitivity, and clarity."

Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe

"First with Nordstrom then Ann Taylor, in my eleven years as a sales manager I know the pitfalls that create burnout.  The LYFE seminar series was exactly what our sales team needed to make us remain with the organization and adopt its vision as our own. Mr. Macdonald believed in us and in our capabilities. Most importantly though he was believable."

Megan Dougherty

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Lighting Your OWN Fuse
A Glossary of Mission, Vision & Passion

"I found this book to be a terrific tool for life. It is chock full of wisdom and insight that is invaluable for bonding teams but especially for the students I work with. I highly recommend "Lighting Your Own Fuse" to anyone seeking to move forward in life with inspiration and velocity. There isn't anyone that wouldn't gain from this creative compilation of wisdom."

Cheryl A. Sheehan

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