Lighting Your OWN Fuse

A Glossary of Mission, Vision & Passion

A book for the Ages, a book for all ages. A compilation of wisdom as old as man on earth coupled with the latest in leadership and self-actualization technology. A leader's 'bible'; "Lighting Your Own Fuse" helps your employees, association members, students, volunteers, team and you understand what is required if you are to prosper in these unprecedented times.

From the Seattle Times: "Every person you lead, teach, influence, counsel, or supervise should be provided a copy of this remarkable glossary".

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Book - Lighting Your Own Fuse

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"I have great appreciation for this book, and for this author putting his heart on the line to help us all gain a leg up in these difficult days."

Village Books

"This illuminating book serves as a snappy reminder how to stay out of our own way."

Good Reads

"Local Author Mac MacDonald "Comforts the Disturbed and Disturbs the Comfortable with New Book", "Lighting Your Own Fuse"

Bellevue Business Journal

"It prompts me to think seriously about what really matters for building character, but more so helping others build their character."

Mighty Ape

"Written with wit and creatively packaged in the form of a glossary, it is an important and timely read"

Book Depository


A self-help book that does not mince words, a leader’s bible, the NEWLY REVISED Lighting Your Own Fuse: A Glossary of Mission, Vision, and Passion addresses an entire gamut of subjects that pertain to your world. Written with wit, and creatively packaged in the form of a glossary, it is an important and timely read. This highly pertinent work has been forty years in the making. Discussing the need for everyone to bond themselves emotionally to your mission, to do more than is asked of them as any professional would, or simply the reviewing and reminding us of the skills needed to maintain a high level of trust and constant willful communication within any family or organization, readers are raving.

From the APPA website... “From customer services to sales, from goal focusing to professionalism, from diversity to detachment, and from leadership and management techniques to relationship repair, this is a comprehensive read. In it we see a whole new take on The Good Wolf / Bad Wolf, Reputation, Diversity, Detachment, Negaholism, Rackets and Stories, Trust and Attitude. Especially see Nutrition and Health as well as his 'Star Wars - Luke It Is Your Destiny'.”

“The Hunger Game’s Katniss, Game of Thrones' Robb, Oz’s Dorothy, Lord of the Ring’s Gandalf, Harry Potter, Oprahs early life, What The Bleep Do We Know, Dead Poet's Society, The African Queen, Away All Boats, Star Wars, Silver Linings Playbook, Saving Private Ryan, and The Lion King - see how their messages apply themselves to the people you help, lead, counsel, sell to, or interact with. What do their messages mean? They all make appearances in this new book, a must read for anyone you know seeking to get unstuck and progress.”

"Mac Macdonald is a master at casting off the shackles of jargon and cliche, and with succinct clarity, telling those who need it most what they must know about human behavior, if you, and they are to succeed."

James Robert Huntley
Internationalist, Author, Founder of the Council for a Community of Democracies

"The audio version of the book makes me feel like I am sitting in the audience of all the training programs I have attended, and would hope to attend. This is a wonderful travelling companion, whether to work or on vacation."

Thomas Harkenrider
Saulk Institute

"Listening to the downloaded book on my MP3 I note that every term in the glossary becomes a seminar, and every seminar is one I need to hear. Excellent investment for any leader anywhere."

Chuck Kenerson
International Association of Service Evaluators

"I've read Mr. Macdonald's "Lighting Your Own Fuse" twice, and pick it up daily -- flipping to whatever page it lands on -- to get encouragement and connected living principles for the day. This book is thought-provoking and clearly written, the tone is practical, and it gives this reader understanding of how I can help myself and others make a happier more fulfilling home and work life. It's a classic book of insightful life lessons from an author who obviously lives a joyous, productive life. Without a doubt, a must read!"

Bureau of Land Management

"Written with edge and wit, here is the meat from all of the training classes, seminars, videos, audios, and retreats all in one place. A real find."

Ivan Braiker
Hip Cricket, Inc.