Team Building

In any organization, large or small, productivity is often affected by the way different teams interact with one another. Employees and management must learn to work together in the most efficient manner. Different employee groups must interact to perform essential tasks. Organization committees must collaborate to make a difference. So what happens when these groups fall out of sync? Teams that don't work well together can be a recipe for disaster in any organization. To rebuild teams that have fallen out of touch with the mission of your organization and to repair damaged relationships, team building exercises are very effective.

I will help you co create a team building event that will address all the important issues that your teams are facing. I'll work with you to rebuild relationships and establish more productive communication, and I will provide you with problem-solving skills to create more effective teams! I open the door to trust!

Team Member Benefits

  • Their collective energies are harnessed to achieve more in less time.
  • They spontaneously support one another with positive reinforcement.
  • Workplace disputes and conflicts are transformed into opportunities for deeper understanding and positive change—without management intervention.
  • Activities are prioritized and time is used more effectively
  • People commit to taking on greater levels of responsibility and challenges than they had before.
  • Your staffs, members, volunteers - everybody takes responsibility towards a more fulfilling, engaged work life.

Effective Team Building Breeds Effective Communication and Trust

One of the biggest impediments to cohesive teamwork and productivity is communication. We identify the barriers to good communication. In interactive creative ways I demonstrate methods for overcoming these obstacles while learning to relate to one another better. By learning to empathize with others, to voice needs and concerns in a productive way and, most importantly, to listen, you will come away with the skills you need to communicate effectively with your peers, your employees, and your managers. With effective communication comes increased productivity, improved morale, and a stronger team.

I take the time to learn about your specific needs and create an entertaining day of activities that will address the issues most important to you. I'll even provide handouts and other materials to the participants so they can refer to the day and continue applying the lessons they've learned to all aspects of their lives, both at home and at work.

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"I have never seen so much needed pride-building, counseling, and behind-boosting delivered so entertainingly. And your book - excellent tool."

Tyler Thornburg
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