Workplace Improvement

A Glossary of Mission, Vision Passion

Is the productivity in your office lagging? Is your sales performance dwindling? Or, if everything is going well, what are you proactively providing to ensure that things continue to go well? Have you experienced a decrease in employee morale?  In all situations I can help. Choose one of my inspirational seminars to strengthen communication, rebuild trust, decrease fear, bolster conviction, and improve your workplace environment.

I have over 35 years of experience working with groups like yours, aiding in employee and management growth - both personal and professional. My presentations are entertaining and inspirational, leaving participants feeling more confident in their own abilities to solve problems. Youll leave the seminar motivated, energized and ready to face each new day with increased vigor and an improved attitude. Iprovide the communication skills, the customer service skills, the team building skills, and the self managerial skills that help you light keep everybody's fuse lit, including your own.

Change Corporate Culture By Changing The Way You Think

During these fearful and anxious times are you plagued by decreased morale and low productivity? My work is up-to-the-minute, right-on-the-forefront of human development. You hand me your laundry and I will help wash it. There are some in your organization unwilling to board the future train. My back pats, some higher up, and some lower down act as an effective way to help them see things differently. You are asking people to do more with less resources, and they will - with the right kind of inspiration.

My experience in sales and as the Director of Sales at several corporations, and my work as a counselor, gives me a unique perspective. I have been an employee, a manager and a leader, so I can relate! I can help your managers learn to listen to and empathize with the employees, while helping your employees internalize the companys mission and set better goals. Your staff will be better able to communicate effectively and will operate with a greater sense of mission, vision and passion as a result of my presentation!

Use Creative Problem Solving To Increase Productivity and Morale.

Unlike other presenters, I take a comprehensive approach to inspirational speaking and workplace improvement. In addition to focusing on important issues like effective communication skills and professionalism, I will also address topics like attitude, goal-focusing, succession planning, trust and communication,and even nutrition, making sure I present all avenues for change and growth.

You will learn to Navigate the Seven Cs - courage, character, complacency, communication, caring, change and commitment - issues and elements that must be addressed in any successful business. My interactive and entertaining presentations will help you boost morale and give your staff the tools needed to increase productivity and sales performance.

Succession Planning, Attitude Adjustment, Trust.

When you hire me, you won't get a canned speech that loses the interest of the audience! In preparation for my presentation, I will do exhaustive research and prepare useful handouts so that my presentation is tailored to the exact needs of your company or organization. My business coaching is designed to address the issues that are most important to you, and I take into account prior training so that previous efforts are mentioned and strengthened, not discarded. Participants apply the LYFE lessons to all aspects of their lives, strengthening their relationships off the job as well as on. This gives you an employee whose mind is focused squarely on the tasks at hand, not focused on external problems. And the handouts and materials I provide to each participant can be referenced continually to ensure maximum benefit.

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"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for "turning the lights back on"for us as every agent was enabled to reflect on his or her own individual participation and zeal, or lack of it. And Wow on the feedback. Farmers has exposed us to many wonderful speakers, you are at the top."

Randy Enberg
Regional Director
Farmers Insurance


Lighting Your OWN Fuse
A Glossary of Mission, Vision & Passion

"This stimulating book delivers much more than promised, and it does so without needless fluff or hype. For leaders and trainers it is a condensed resource guide covering a vast array of the concepts central to 'Emotional Intelligence' that are found in the hundreds if not thousands of seminars and retreats out there. For the individual It offers new insights for personal fulfillment; for the organization it means everything.”

Larry Reymore
Senior Program Leader, Context International

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