Succession Planning

When it comes to Succession Planning who are you sizing up now as the future leaders five years down the road? What character traits will best serve them when stress is at its peak, and the proverbial stuff hits a fan? If some of your employees or staffs don't seem to have the intrinsic abilities to lead, how can they obtain and absorb those skills? When unexpected personnel changes occur, what replacement plan did you have at the ready? What other stakeholders do you have involved in the process of Succession Planning?

This seminar details the skills and talents they must have in place before they can truly take over yours or your managers' positions.  Your new hires and your upper cadre will represent your lasting legacy, so how are you guiding these future leaders, and what succession planning program and process do you have place that helps you take an active, and proactive, role in their development?

Learning Outcomes

  1. Developing a process for replacing key people. Succession planning is a process that requires a coordinated, dedicated, on-going effort.
  2. What do we seek in a leader as our replacement? What are the desired attributes and competencies?
  3. How can trust be built to ensure a smooth transition?
  4. Involving other stakeholders in the succession planning process. These are staff, Boardmembers, other managers – even vendors.
  5. Preparing your candidate for interaction with those key stakeholders. Some resentment may need to be salved. Some stakeholders may have idiosyncrasies your candidate needs to be aware of. Who are the blockers? Helping your understudy and those he or she will replace overcome any fear of inadequacy or just plain fear.
  6. Stepping Aside - How do we gracefully hand the ball off, act the adviser, and resist the effort to take the ball back?
  7. What's next for you? How are you preparing for what life is like not at the jobsite. Your spouse does not want you around 24-7.

When it comes to Succession Planning, you want to be a person, because you had the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time, whose leadership will not be missed but whose friendship and caring will be.

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