Trust and communication

This is all about trust, the key to sales, customer services, and to organizational stability. Utilizing two video clips from "The Horse Whisperer" and another from "The African Queen", this powerful session provides an interactive, introspective, and entertaining glimpse into how we communicate then provides methods for better ways of doing so. The messages and lessons we derive from this class are applied to every aspect of our lives - home as well as at work. This track has been deemed the most popular by the Association of Physical Plant Administrators and also the U.S. Postal Service, the FDA, Boeing, and the National Association for School Business Officials.

Learning Outcomes

We are given the opportunity every day to examine our "Moments of Truth", those moments where our character is placed on the altar of scrutiny.

We will learn what teams with an abundance of trust look like and we will learn what those with an absence of trust look like? As well as the two videos mentioned above, I play a video showing the devastating effect deception and "not wanting to rock the boat" has had on several organizations.

We learn how to create and maintain an environment of camaraderie, communication, commitment, and accountability? And we will examine our own participation in the positive or negative atmosphere that pervades our respective departments.

We learn about body language, voice intonation, presentations skills, and how to read and speak in another person's language to better work with them.

Uses a group exercise in trust-building, and two self-evaluation questionnaires.

Learning to Trust

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Betsy Gutting
"The Magic of Saying 'Yes'"

Macdonald kept our attention from beginning to end. Loved the video he plays from the Horse Whisperer to embed the needed trust and communication segment. Subjects and issues, even the deepest seated ones are now easier to broach throughout the tribe. His use of our own Klallam language and history? stunning.

Department Director
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe 

Words can't express how much I enjoyed your seminar, just stellar. It was perfect for us during this time of budget cuts to get people to want to do more with fewer resources, but also to lay down unworkable negative patterns and embrace a new and better world."

Margaret Steiner
Chief Operations Officer
California State University, Northridge

"Mac, You made me open my eyes. Yours was wonderful information, timely and necessary for building trust, especially in a time of furloughs and change. You made me examine more closely my role as a Superintendent."

Steve Rojas
University of California, Los Angeles

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Lighting Your OWN Fuse
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