Radio Ink, and Streaming Magazine

"Your keynote presentations were the highlight of our conference. As you were also on the air, our radio stations were flooded with calls thanking us for flying you in."

Ivan Braiker

Stars Incorporated

"Regarding our twenty-first Stars meeting in Las Vegas...As you know, the directors were from all over the United States. It was by far the best workshop we have ever had. Thank-you so much for the great motivational seminar and all of the homework you did prior to your presentation."

Pat Rhodes
National Director


"What set your presentation apart from others was your prior research of the FDA structure and the current issues facing us at both the national and local levels. This insight, as well as the creative use of media, made the training much more relevant than the standard motivational sessions to which we have become accustomed. Thanks for doing all your prior homework."

Howard E. Manresa


"I just want to tell you that your program was very well received by all of the 120 Investigations and Compliance officials in attendance; in fact they talk about it every day. One benefit we all agree on is the door you gave us for confronting problem employees without confrontation."

Barbara Wood


"It is a real art to weave such a message of counseling, people skills, organizational-behavioral skills, as well as inspiration. You did it to great satisfaction, and, with those movie clips and your humor, in an entertaining fashion. In fact I don't think I have ever seen such therapeutic behind-boosting delivered so entertainingly. Now it is up to us to act on your timely guidance."

Tyler Thornberg
District Director


"Each and every FDA employee should sit in on your seminar. You show how to build trust and you help people handle change with less stress."

Andrew Saunders
Safety Officer 

Canadian Postal Service

"In 1982 Canada Poste recorded a $600 million deficit. In 1991 we recorded a $150 million profit. You helped us achieve that goal. Manager comments about your training were: 'He smacked us out of some provincial thinking', 'We are more businesslike and professional between company and our various unions', 'There is greater empathy for the work of others', and 'We are now practicing our customer service preach'.

Bob Walker
General Manager, Toronto Division


"Your presentation was awesome! And ten days later I continue to hear nothing but outstanding comments from others on both your content and delivery. It was exactly what we needed. You inspired the new hires and reinvigorated the spark in the older hires."

Stacy M. Below
Director of Investigations


"Mac, You made me open my eyes. Yours was wonderful information, timely and necessary for building trust. I hope to see you again at many other conferences".

Steve Rojas Sr.

California State University System

“Words can’t express how much I enjoyed your seminar, just stellar. It was perfect for us during this time of budget cuts to get people to want to do more with fewer resources”

Margaret Steiner

Facility Services Partners

“This is the kind of breakout or keynote I hope to experience when I attend these conferences, and mostly don’t".

Scott Collins


SOKA University of America

“Your comments on working with our Spanish-speaking workers, as well as the tips you gave us for working well together were spot on, especially given the stress so many employees feel right now. Yours was a very entertaining yet deeply profound trust-building address to us."

Tom Harkenrider


Lighting Your OWN Fuse
A Glossary of Mission, Vision & Passion

"Wonderful book, wonderful results - excellent job."

Robert Glavin
Owner/President Motorola

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