FDA San Francisco District

"Together we fought witches and demons.... and slayed dragons. You have opened the door to better relationships and different attitudes. It is now up to us to keep that door propped. With your creatively-delivered personal appearances, and your book to reference, we will."

Barbara Cassens


The Eureka Inns

"The creative way you present your material, and the homework you did made every single individual connected with our company, and that includes the family members we let attend your various trainings, aware that they are significant, valued, and connected to a proud organization. As you stated we are all of us customer servants. The bottom line is, you help the bottom line. Period!"

John E. Porter

International School of Prague

"Dealing with change is something many of the Czech educators that you addressed are being forced to do. Your ability to present such an in-depth program in such a colorful understandable manner would benefit the staff, faculty, and students at any learning center fortunate enough to hear about you."

Carol Kyper

Iowa State University

"You made an all-important yet potentially dry subject like Succession Planning come alive for us at this year's convention."

Christopher Ahoy
Vice President



"Mr. MacDonald completed his presentation on sales and customer service and was treated to a rousing standing ovation by our attendees. He was truly inspirational and I recommend him for use in other settings conducted by our company."

William Dahl
Senior Vice President

Evergreen/Everwell Health Services

"Some examples of comments from the medical staffs in attendance were: "Bring him back", "He helped us see things in a different light", "Tremendous speaker with powerful ideas for getting along better in our department", "Perfectly balanced humor for this sometimes skeptical group", and "He gave us a deeper meaning about why we are here and why we are doing what we do, something we forget".

Perri Bernard
Conference Coordinator

Private Industry Council

"I would not have believed it if I had not been there! Speaking to a group of displaced workers, many from the timber industry, I was witness to a transformation of spirit, a renewal of energy, and a heightened determination to create a new life. You have sparked these people to look up, in, and outwards for assistance. Your seminar has helped the out-of-work take the emotional and mental first steps they might not have taken had we attempted to deliver the same message using our in-house staff. Great creativity!"

Chris Wallis
Director of Programs


Master Builders Association

"Your story about Robert Duvall critcizing you while on the set of "Apocalypse Now" was amusing, self-effacing, and educational. Many discouraged conference attendees commented on their renewed sense of mission because of your talk."

Julie Bacon
Membership Director

University of Washington Law School

"It was fun to tag along as you helped us navigate your 'Seven "C's'. I was personally impressed with the variety of techniques you used to convey your timely messages, PowerPoint, movie clips, interactive participation, written self evaluations, etc. I especially enjoyed the melting of the witch and defrocking our negative wizards from your video clip of "The Wizard of Oz" video, and then listening to our employees' reactions afterwards regarding how we communicate within the department from your clip of "The Horse Whisperer". Mostly I enjoyed your 'life (lyfe!) enhancement' pointers; skills rarely taught in a university setting."

Sandra Madrid
Assistant Dean


"Mr. Macdonald's creative training sessions go right along with the trend to make Motorola a team effort at all levels. This follow-up to our Six Sigma training makes it easier to face the challenges of our jobs because we were made to feel like an important part of the whole effort."

Larry Kost
Director of Distribution

San Diego State University

"Mac I just loved this, you absolutely opened minds and transformed spirits. Use me as a reference at any time."

John Ferris
Director of Facilities Services

Annual Conference of Certified Leadership Committee Epsilon Sigma Alpha

"You were rated the highest ever in our satisfaction survey. Your enjoyable message on trust and communication is extremely valuable in today's society - never more valuable in fact for an organization given the challenges we are facing."

Julene Donnay


Lighting Your OWN Fuse
A Glossary of Mission, Vision & Passion

"Mac – Your book is particularly good on those bad days that we all have from time to time."

Paul Goffin
Director, University of Oxford, England

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