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Lighting Your Own Fuse Enhancement Company



From Trust and Communication to LEAN and the Toyota 5S's, from Succession Planning to Strategic Planning, from Leadership to Public Speaking training, from Customer Services and Sales to Attitude Adjustment and morale.

"A definition of death is having hired someone to address your staff or members without their having tailored the presentation, or not being able to relate to the audience.The biggest fear I'd say when choosing a speaker or trainer is having wasted anyone's time. I appreciated all of the pats on the back for finding you".
Ed Meglis, NJ Association of School Business Officials

 "The worse thing about hiring an average speaker is not about his average performance. The worse thing is that he is taking up space that could be occupied by someone phenomenal." Bill Gates, President, Microsoft

"First with Nordstrom then Ann Taylor, in my eleven years as a sales manager I know the pitfalls that create burnout.  The LYFE seminar series was exactly what our sales team needed to make us remain with the organization and adopt its vision as our own. Mr. Macdonald believed in us and in our capabilities. Most importantly though he was believable."
Megan Dougherty, Manager, Mariposa / Savannah

"I have never seen so much needed pride-building, counseling, and behind-boosting delivered so smoothly. And your book - excellent tool."
Tyler Thornburg, New Orleans District Director, FDA

"On his own time Mr. Macdonald donned a uniform, sorted mail first thing in the morning, and then delivered a day's worth of mail before addressing our carriers, all to better understand their challenges and needs. I call that homework."
Kenneth Lynn, Director U.S. Postal Service

"During this time of budget cuts, to get people to commit to do more with fewer resources? Your seminar was perfect."
 Margaret Steiner, COO, California State University

"Over the last eighteen years we have brought in top speakers from all over the country, one every year. Utilizing a very creative and very stimulating experiential learning model as you did, I would rate your day-long training presentation at the top one or two programs we have ever experienced, especially for this uncertain time and at this moment."
Ron Butler, President
Business Careers - A Learning Tree Company


Lighting Your Own Fuse Book and CD Editions
Inspire Others
Increase Morale
Build Trust
Boost Profits
Engender Camaraderie
Light Fuses
Provide Hope
Quiet Anxiety
Reiterate Skills
Retain Customers